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Primofiori lemon, also called fino, has a spherical or oval shape with a short nipple. It is easy to recognize for its rind is smooth and thin.



Verna lemon is the most common variety in Spain, it has a bright yellow color. It is known by its large size, with a sharp nipple and a developed neck.



Verdelli lemon is harvested in summer when it is greenish and its size is below average, it has a rounded shape. Its acidity is much superior to the other varieties and has a high juice content.


Lemon properties

Lemon has a citrus tart taste. This fruit full of healthy properties it is known by its yellow color.

This citrus fruit has many beneficial properties for our health. Some of these properties are:

  • Lemon helps digestion and appetite thanks to the wealth of scents that it has.
  • Lemon helps to control weight when is used in diets.
  • Lemon also has purifying properties.
  • Some studies indicate that consumption of lemon can help preventing some cancers.
  • Due to their high amount of vitamin C, it favors the absorption of iron and calcium, which helps to prevent osteoporosis or anemia.

In addition to these healthy properties, lemon has other benefits to our body:

  • Lemon is recommended in cases of hypertension and arteriosclerosis because of its beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. These properties are because lemon acid dissolves toxic substances in blood and helps to eliminate the fat that obstacles the heart. Take a half glass of water with lemon juice in fasting.
  • Patients with gallbladder and liver problems can benefit from the properties of lemon because it helps metabolize fat and stimulates the secretion of bile. In these cases, doctors often recommend lemon juice mixed with olive oil and eat it with bread. Lemon strengthens the antitoxic and protective function of the liver as it neutralizes toxins and helps eliminate them. Lemon juice mixed with water is recommended when suffering diarrhea as a result of consumption of bad condition food.
  • Lemon can help relieve some disorders of the respiratory tract and throat such as hoarseness and tonsillitis. This is due to its antiseptic and refreshing properties, in addition to its high content of vitamin C. For relief of throat you can gargle with lemon juice mixed with honey and diluted with a little water. This mixture of lemon with honey is useful in case of getting a sore throat, gingivitis and mouth ulcers due to its antiviral and antibacterial action.
  • People who suffer from rheumatic problems, may find it beneficial to drink lemon juice regularly as it dissolves the crystals and toxins that cause gout.

Lemon nutrients

Lemon is rich in vitamin C as 100 g. of this fruit contains 51 mg. of vitamin C.

Among the nutritional properties of lemon it is worth mentioning the following nutrients: 0.45 mg. iron, 0.69 g. protein, 11 mg. calcium, 4.70 g. fiber, 170 mg. potassium, 1.50 mg. of iodine, 0.11 mg. zinc, 3.16 g. carbohydrates, 28 mg. magnesium, 1.90 mg. sodium, 0.57 ug. vitamin A, 0.05 mg. vitamin B1, 0.02 mg. vitamin B2, 0.27 mg. Vitamin B3, 0.23 ug. Vitamin B5, 0.06 mg. vitamin B6, 0.50 ug. Vitamin B7, 6.30 ug. vitamin B9, 0 ug. vitamin B12, 0 ug. vitamin D, 0.80 mg. vitamin E, 0.20 ug. vitamin K, 16 mg. phosphorus 27.66 kcal. calories, 0 mg. cholesterol, 0.30 g. fat, 3.16 g. sugar and 0 mg. purine.

Lemon benefits

The antioxidant action of vitamin C, makes lemon consumption beneficial to our eyes, skin, ear and respiratory tract. In addition, the high amount of vitamin C in this fruit can help reduce cold symptoms and fight diseases such as constipation and hyperthyroidism. It is also recommended during menopause because vitamin C helps reduce hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.